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Small, Friendly and the Best Quality of Life

A white ferret at Friendly Pets Critter Condos

At Friendly Pets, we have a great selection of small critters— cute, colorful, furry and feathered. We love and care for ALL small animals!

Both of our locations feature our Friendly Critter Condo section where you can find your next little critter.

We carry a wide variety of animals at Friendly Pets!

  • Birds; Including a variety of finches, parakeets, conures, caiques, eclectus, greys, cockatiels, cockatoos and more!
  • Small animals; Including hamsters, gerbils, hedgehogs, ferrets, chinchillas, mice, rats and more!
  • Reptiles; Including many species of snakes, geckos, turtles & tortoises, arachnids, hermit crabs & more!
  • Fish; Including a variety of salt water and corals, fresh water plants, community fish, cichlids, pond fish and more!

If you’d like a chance to hold and pet your next little friend, just ask one of our staff.

Friendly Pets has a wide selection of amazing pet products to fit your style and needs! We have habitats, toys, grooming tools, and anything else you might need to help provide care and make your little friend happy. Our staff has a lot of experience with small animals and most have their own! Come by or give us a call with ANY questions or concerns you have. Friendly Pets is here for you and all your animals—any shape or size.

Underwater Expeditions, We Love Fish

Having an aquarium in your home, office or place of business brings a certain atmosphere that has to be experienced to understand.

At both of our Friendly Pets stores, we pride ourselves on being the premier aquatics dealer in the seacoast area. We have a friendly staff with outstanding knowledge in the aquatic industry, some with 20+ years of experience. We maintain enough staff in our stores where you can have one-on-one time to discuss your aquatic needs and questions. We understand sometimes situations occur that could use a second opinion. Bring in a water sample and we will strive to find a solution to any question, or issue that you stumble upon! We are not only here to help you find the perfect aquatic species that suits you, but to help maintain your tank in the long run.

Friendly Pets carries a large variety of Bettas, Freshwater and Saltwater Fish. There’s plenty of supplies too ranging from Fish Food, Gravel, Aquariums Kits and Stands.

Come see our large aquatics areas featuring our very own Koi Ponds. Custom built and constantly being rearranged to make our fish happy by the Friendly Pets staff!

Jungle Boogie, Get Down, Get Down…to Friendly Pets!

Friendly Pets has a large selection of reptiles.

Check out our ongoing selection of reptiles and exotic animals ranging from Bearded Dragons, Amphibians, Lizards, Turtles, Snakes and more. Looking for something specific? Just ask a Friendly Pets staff member or get in touch.

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