Small Animal Boarding

We’re Big When it Comes to Small Animal Boarding

Bird being boarded at Friendly Pets

Taking a vacation or business trip? Need someone to care for your animals so you can relax without worry on your getaway? Check into Hotel Friendly Pets!

Friendly Pets provides small animal boarding with an amazingly caring staff that is here to make sure your animals stay happy. We try our hardest to follow your special instructions to make your pet feel comfortable and relaxed visiting our home. With two convenient locations in Lee and Exeter , we’ll provide the best care and keep your critter comfy as our special guest.

Special needs? Not a problem! Make an appointment to meet one of our staff to review any special care requirements while you’re away.

Boarding Pricing

Animal Cost per day
Guinea pigs/Rabbits/Ferrets $20.00
Hamsters $10.00
Rats $20.00
Finches $12.00
Parakeets $12.00
Cockatiels $15.00
Amazons/African greys $20.00
Macaws/Cockatoos $20.00
Bowl Fish (betta) $6.00
Reptiles (depending on species) $15.00


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