Welcome to Friendly Pets!

Your pets are our passion.

Let's Talk Pet Food!

Keep your pets healthy and happy.

Underwater Expeditions!

One of the largest fish selections in the Seacoast!

Let's be Friends!

We have a great selection of small critters.

Working at the Dog Wash Yeah!

Why make a mess cleaning your favorite four-legged friend at home? Friendly Pets self-serve dog washes are like a spa getaway for your pup – not a hose and a bucket. After a wash, enjoy a treat at the our signature bakery.

Not to brag, but we have the latest in dog washing technology (Yes, there is such a thing! We even made a video!). Automatic soap and conditioner dispensers. Our commercial dryers dry that coat off in a flash.

Happy Birthday to You!

Bring yourself, your pets and we can do the rest!
Our NEW Friendly Pets location in Exeter is a terrific place to host your special event. We do workshops too.

We have several packages designed so your special guest of honor and their guests will have the best birthday experience possible! Food and Cake included.

Let’s blow out some candles together!

Whoa, I mean Woof, a Bakery?

That’s right, no added ingredients, your pal will have his nose on the glass at our signature bakery (or barkery). Goes great after some fun in the dog park or after bath time! Call ahead, we’ll even pack them to-go! (Can you say Doggie Bag!)

A Walk in the Park!

What’s better than getting exercise and eating great food? Making new friends and the Friendly Pets Dog Park in Lee, NH.

Open daily, come visit and show off you pal to our instagram friends. Hello #friendlypetsnh! You might just win a treat on us.

Location, location, locations

Neighborhood Friendly, locally owned and operated Pet Store Awesomeness!